Listed companies gather BTC

The current price for one Bitcoin (BTC) is currently $11.461.42. That’s 0.46% more than 24 hours ago. If you want to buy bitcoin for $100 now, you will get about 0.0087 BTC for this.

The total market cap is $212,279,103,105.54 with a circulation of 18,521,187 BTC.

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Listed companies will have as much Bitcoin as total market cap in 2016.

Listed companies will have as much bitcoin as total market cap in 2016. In April of the year 2016, the total market cap of bitcoin was about $6.8 billion. Just over four years later, a small group of listed companies have the same amount of bitcoin on their balance sheet.

The big difference with that time? The total market cap of bitcoin has now risen to more than $200 billion.
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Bitcoin company BTC Direct raises 11 million euros in fresh money

The Dutch Bitcoin company BTC Direct raised 11 million euros in a first round of financing. The money came from a group of private investors, whose names have not been disclosed.

The deal means that the founders have swapped part of their shares in order to continue to grow. But it is unclear what percentage of shares the depositors received in exchange.

How do you make the most of the Bitcoin Lightning Network with a node?

In the Bitcoin network, nodes are indispensable. They all function as a database for all transactions ever done there and from all over the world. But because they all do the same thing (if they follow the consensus rules), there is no distinction between nodes.

The Lightning Network does. So how can you classify these nodes? And how can you get ‚the best node‘?
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